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Part 1: Introduction

1. Would you introduce yourself to the GTA Trading Community? Your background and why did you create Yesports?

Of course! Thanks again for having us. I founded yesports about 1 year ago. My background is as a corporate lawyer for 5 years in Asia & Australia, then in 2017 I fell down the crypto rabbit hole and helped a number of the early crypto projects launch. We worked on some of the first streaming gaming x blockchain companies and a tonne of other projects in those early years.

Then in 2019 we moved into the esports market and helped a number of top esports teams connect with partners across the world. We helped Team Secret, The Alliance and many smaller teams.

In 2020 fell back into crypto and launched the largest DeFi app on Algorand ecosystem — Yieldly. From there we started to partner with some of our favorite esports teams, such as Team Talon in HK and Thailand, BOOM esports in Indonesia, and others. This led us down a path of those projects asking us to do more with them to build web3 products for their fans.

Which is where we are today at end of 2022 about to launch the largest web3 x esports platform

2. Can you describe what Yesports is in a few sentences? What special things make up the Yesports project?

Yesports is the world’s largest web3 esports engagement platform.

We are working with 10 globally ranked esports teams and pro players with 30m fans to deliver:

  • Scalable nft memberships with epic fan rewards;
  • Gamefied nft Launchpad and marketplace for gamers and esports;
  • Metaverse as a service for global esports orgs.

This means we are larger than any other web3 product out there in terms of reach and utility for the esports and gaming market.

3. We’ve heard a lot about how Yesports allows teams to leverage Web3 technology — What exactly are you offering for teams to improve their fans’ experiences?

Firstly, let’s dive into our first product that is going live at the end of this month — 3 tiered NFT memberships.

NFT membership tech by Yesports allows teams to input bespoke fan first customizable experiences across 3 membership tiers for fans to purchase. By holding an NFT membership fans access a whole host of utilities in both digital and IRL settings. Fans can expect to unlock utility options including, signed merch, VIP tickets, VOD reviews and even personal coaching sessions with players.

Secondly, we are building out unique team storefronts that allow fans to browse a wide range of NFTs for sale such as rare 1/1, team collectibles and even in-game memorable moments. What’s really great about this is it allows fans to cut through the ‘noise’ of current NFT marketplaces that are saturated in a mismatch of different NFT art options to focus on exactly what they are there for — their team’s memorabilia.

Further down the line we will unveil our esports centric metaverse that will open up even further engagement options for both teams and fans. We are really excited to offer teams a unique digital space where they can engage fans via in-world livestreams and exclusive NFT holder only events. We envisage the metaverse to be a hub for all things esports and a digital world where esports fans, plat-2-earn and Web3 communities can come together and participate in esports & gaming events..

4. Let’s dive a little deeper on these NFT memberships you are talking about — can you explain them in more detail and how exactly are they revolutionary?

Absolutely. As mentioned in recent press releases by the likes of esports-insider, we just released our NFT memberships-as-a-service as mentioned above.

To go into more depth here, these NFT memberships allow teams to provide fan first customization. That is each NFT membership collection is completely unique and utility options are decided by the teams based on the needs of their fans.

Using modular tech structures and replicable NFT membership framework we can create these bespoke NFT memberships within a day once the team has customized their fan memberships. This allows teams to access their millions of fans in record time whilst using proven and reliable Web3 technology.

Another incredible aspect of this tech is that each team that signs to the platform has access to their own powerfully simple set of admin controls and product dashboard. What this means is that each team has a high degree of control over
- their team storefronts aesthetic
- locking & unlocking utility

- Adding/removing new teams with new memberships to shops

This is really a product trifecta as teams can rapidly deploy their own customized NFT memberships and maintain product control throughout the fan experience tweaking as they see fit.

5. Currently on the market are there any competitors?

In nft marketplaces we are competing with opensea and nba top shots. For the meta verse we are competing with sandbox and what the legends at Bored Apes are doing.

We differentiate on 2 key commercial fronts:

  1. niche for esports. No other tech peers to us building scalable web3 tech for the 500m esports fans. So our niche market is still massive in terms of addressable size.
  2. Niche for play to earn games. We are rapidly expanding across play to earn and game publisher market and being the go to place for projects to launch their nft collections and ingame nfts to our user base

We also differentiate on a critical technical front:

  • Our core tech team comes from teams that have built some of the largest nft marketplaces and nft tech in polkadot ecosystem + heralding from se rio dev roles in top banks in USA.

6. Could you tell more about Yesport’s roadmap?

Yeah absolutely, so from where we are now the next major events are our NFT memberships going live at the end of this month, which will be on-going as each team does their own release.

Our TGE is just around the corner as well which will go hand in hand with the platform going live too.

@matty just sit poijt the key things happening:

  • talon
  • Tge
  • Infinty
  • Partnerships with pro teams
  • Marketplace launch
  • Staking product launch
  • P2e games launch

As we look further towards the end of the year and 2023 we have some amazing releases on the horizon including Q4/Q1 the release of our esports centric metaverse. This will be a digital world for esports teams to host exclusive live events, engage fans or even livestream their events. On top of that our metaverse will really act as a hub for esports & gaming fans to connect with their teams, P2E projects and participate in all forms of metaverse experiences.

The long-term vision is to keep building out the platform and bringing on new teams from around the globe alongside focusing on the P2E space and how Yesports can offer our services to guilds and gamers across Web3.

Part 2: Community Interaction

1.AUDIT play an IMPORTANT role in enhancing the stability of any PROJECT. Do you have AUDIT CERTIFICATES . Or are you working to AUDIT your project to make it more secure and reliable?

Great question, we have been working closely witht Certik (one of the leading global audit firms) and are glad to say that all our tech todate has been audited by them. As new products are released we will continue to get them audited by the best firms

2. Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Great and critical question for a web3 project. Utility has to come first for all things we do and $YESP is no exception.

Day one we will be looking to empower our community to guide where and what we do with our teams — so governance and voting is high on the list for day 1 utility.

For example shaping which esports to target, which pro teams to go after, which nfts to launch, what utility fans want to see etc.

Following from that we will have utility for early access to the platform features — such as 1st access to drops of the nfts, access to the metaverse, and 1:1 auctions.

The final area where we’ll be gamifying use cases in the early days will be a stake-to -win NFT use case. For example users will stake and win NFTs via a type of nft lottery as well. We think this is a fun feature for all users to get access to any of the products on the platform too.

Final thing about the $yesp token is that we will divert some of the platform fees earned to buying it back on the market and reusing those $YESP for future ecosystem development.

3. Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

One of the most important things is to have utility front and center. This means that the nft has an intrtisic value just beyond the art. We concieve this value through the creation of utility NFTs as the product 1. This means users can use the NFT to redeem IRL products, Online benefits such as early access and discounts, plus accrue ongoing loyalty points.

So we think our NFTs are very valuable to those who hold them, now and into the future.

4. What plans do you have to grow rapidly in terms of users, global market and partners? What are your strategies in building a big and strong community?

We are fortunate to be building a leading product in a global market of over 500m active monthly users.

We are targeting the largest regions at the moment in: SEA, LATAM, and North America.

For example SEA is one of the fastest growing regions for esports and gaming market as well as for crypto adoption. But further we are partnered already with some of SEA’s fastest growing esports teams in Talon Esports (Thailand and HK), plus Boom Esports (Indonesia). So we will continue to work with teams in the regions to develop and grow our products success there.

5. When will your tokens be listed on the exchange and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?

Thank you for the question, we are lucky to have partnered early with some CEXs to allow more users to buy our token to access our platform. On 9 Sept we will be opening up with a number of global exchanges to allow our users to get access.

As our product is global, we will be looking to work with as many leading exchanges as possible to increase the forums that people can buy and become users of our products.



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