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Part 1: Introduction

1. Would you introduce yourself to the GTA Trading Community? Your background and why do you create Melody?

Hello everyone, I’m Henry Nguyen, Business Development Manager of Melody.

In fact, there have been a lot of NFT projects about music in recent years, because the NFT itself is collectible, and it includes more than just samples, animations, and even music. However, the actual popularity of NFT in music is not very high at the moment, so we wondered if there was a better way to make the concept of musical NFT known to more users. Melody’s original origin was that all members of the team loved to sing, music is the easiest way to express human emotions. I often sing or listen to songs after a tiring day at work, an extremely effective way to release, I think most people have the same experience. So, after studying the entire market in Q1, we wanted to create a project that allows all music lovers around the world to participate, not only through singing but also listening to music. the song. The most important thing is that music creators in the Web3 world show off their musical talents, this is our Melody.

2. Can you describe what Melody is in a few sentences? What special things in the Melody project?

Ok. I will briefly introduce the Melody project.

MELODY is a Web3-based lifestyle application system that allows users to add a little flavor to their lives by singing in their spare time, a common form of entertainment, and earn extra income. profit. Professional singers, content creators can let people know more about themselves through Melody.

Let people immerse themselves in the world of music comfortably and happily. Melody uses the simplest gameplay to attract users who love to sing, artists who love to create and singers who want to be stars. We make the largest UGC platform in Web3 through user play and creativity on the platform. We build on this UGC platform to bring as many users as possible into our world of Melody music.

About Melody’s special point

The first is that the gameplay is very simple and easy to use. Suitable for almost all types of users.

Second, we have added community modes in it, allowing users to benefit from participating in activities other than just singing.

In addition to ensuring the basic interests of most users, we also provide many other platforms for truly creative and technical users, including recording competitions such as concerts and concerts. music and everyday users can live on this platform. It can create a comprehensive entertainment world.

In addition, our game mode varies from simple to varied and we will often organize events to reward users with the hope that users can have fun in our project in their free time. Idle.

3. Currently on the market are there any competitors?

First of all, I would like to say that it should not be called a competitor but a model or a forerunner to learn from each other in this market.

After all, the development of the NFT field of music has a certain time. Currently, many NFT music platforms have formed, along with the popularity of the X2E concept this year, more and more projects associated with life will also put a certain pressure on us, but Pressure is also the driving force for us to improve our products.

We hope that we can learn from each other. To make our products better and better. It’s possible to break out of the loop and can really change people’s lives, Let’s add a little fun from Melody to everyone’s boring life.

4. Could you tell more about Melody’s roadmap?

First of all, Melody’s progress in the second quarter is progressing well. We have launched the first version of the official website and the Whitepaper, successfully opened 3900 blind boxes and the trading volume is currently top 1 on the TofuNFT platform. In this regard, we are very grateful to everyone who has supported our project.

Second, we will launch the second version of the official website in July, including the NFT Staking and NFT Marketplace functionality, which every user is interested in.

During Q3, we’re bringing you the full version of the Melody app, which I believe will give you a whole new way of experiencing music; and Melody’s $SNS main token will be launched on centralized and decentralized exchanges during Q3. We are currently working intensively with the top three exchanges in the world, stay tuned.

During Q4, what we had to do was let users in Melody have the best experience. We will collaborate with famous singers around the world, invite them to the Melody platform, and hold cloud concerts in Melody.

Currently, the overall progress is very smooth, and I am looking forward to the release of the Melody app like everyone.

Part 2: Questions Form

Guest selected 5 best questions to answer sent before beginning of AMA:

1. According to some leaked information, we found that there are no VCs investing in Melody as of now, is this your strategy or is there another arrangement?

This is currently true, we are currently rejecting a lot of VC investments. We believe that users are the core competitive factor of any project, so we firmly believe in users who have held onto Genesis NFT in the early days. We also hope to bring the greatest return to Genesis NFT holders.

So we don’t need other investments to reduce the benefits of Genesis Blind Box holders. Melody must bring the greatest profit to the most loyal holders of the Genesis Blind Box.

Therefore, we decided to open the blind box and Genesis NFT users can staking to receive $SNS tokens. Ensure that all users who own Genesis NFT can get maximum profit.

2. I heard that Melody’s NFT Staking function will be opened on the 8th of this month, can you give details?

The details of the NFT staking functionality may have to wait for an official announcement from the team, but what I can tell you is that this event is sure to please everyone.

So the commit is determined by the level of the NFT. The more advanced the NFT, the higher the $SNS you can get. And this time, we have prepared many surprise NFTs for you.

3. Before the current Ponzi problem in the market, I would like to know how you broke the pattern?

Actually everyone is very afraid of Ponzi, but I think Ponzi has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ponzi is not a problem of models, it is a matter of using people. Many large projects actually use Ponzi to expand their user base. We all know that users are an important part of the project development process. Ponzi is just the beginning, the most important thing is still the outside of the project.

We are fully confident that we can get out of the Ponzi scheme, because the user is one of the most important links for us to do that and we will use the traffic on the platform. Her Melody to date enhanced access speed.

Singers, in the process, can have a lot of fans outside or fans among our users to make some donations outside and even inside the platform to god. their statue.

In addition, we will also cooperate with famous singers to hold concerts or may publish on Melody famous singer’s recordings and peripheral productions on NFT. In the process, we are more likely to collaborate with many other music platforms. So I don’t think we will have this Ponzi problem. Ponzi is just the beginning and traffic is at our core.

4. Can you tell us about Melody’s layout and future direction?

I believe that as mentioned above, everyone has a certain understanding of the gameplay in Melody and what we want to do. We really wanted to create a Web3 entertainment platform, using music and $SNS to connect all users. Relationships with users, fans and idols. Committed to Building an In-depth Creative Metaverse Fan Economy of Singers and Creators: At this stage, we’ve launched UGC functionality, so our NFT owners can sing, creative, rewarded, commercial, etc. on the platform to earn income, it is possible to get the full personal value of NFT holders, instead of relying solely on earning money to gain benefits.

Develop Melody VR glasses and headsets that connect with famous artists to hold concerts Metaverse: You can attend idol concerts with NFT. NFT is powered by a fan economy that perfectly solves the closed loop of business.

Create IP for each individual in virtual reality: With the advancement of virtual reality technology, the cost of developing virtual reality in the future is very low and everyone can own an identity for themselves on the internet. net. Users can create their own virtual IPs in Melody, socialize with virtual people, hold concerts, and more.

Solve the employment problem of music lovers: According to incomplete statistics, nearly 50 million music lovers around the world have given up because music cannot solve their life problems. The emergence of live broadcasting platforms like tiktok in the Web2 era has provided an opportunity for many short video creators to showcase their talents. The most intuitive thing is to solve a lot of employment and income problems. Melody, as a Web3 music application platform, our vision is to solve the employment and income problem of music lovers, that is Melody’s social mission. We believe that the purpose of truly groundbreaking projects is to solve social problems.

5: Why did the project choose the S2E model?

We studied the entire market during Q1. Whether it is other M2E, L2E or X2E, there are certain limitations.

M2E needs to consider many factors, such as weather factors, location factors or people’s health, M2E is not very comprehensive, and M2E requires GPS permission on mobile phones. user action to prevent fraud, this will involve some legal issues in some countries, which is unavoidable.

S2E has low requirements and is more accessible to users, especially on our Melody platform, not only for players who like to sing, players who like to listen to music can also get it. profit. In addition, Melody also encourages players who have the talent to compose and arrange their own creation. Every music lover can feel a sense of belonging and identity in the Melody platform.

The most important thing is that music has no borders, music has brought happiness to people since ancient times, and it is a method of emotional communication between people. After the success of StepN in the market, Web2 users understood and understood how to play Web3; There are certainly more people singing in the world than there are running. We believe that Melody, as a Web3 project following the S2E model, will be a product that will create a new era in bringing blockchain to life applications.

Part 3: Multiple-choice questions

1. What is the main token of Melody?

a. SGS — Sing Game Show

b. SMS — Sing Melody Show

c. SNS — Sing NFT Show

d. SSS — Sing Song Show

Answer: c. SNS — Sing NFT Show

2. What model is Melody built on?

a. Sing-to-earn

b. Move-to-earn

c. Play-to-earn

d. Dance-to-earn

Answer: a. Sing-to-earn

3. What role will Genesis NFT play in the Melody app?

a. Staking

b. Microphone

c. Headphone

d. Karaoke room

Answer: b. Microphone

4. What platforms is Genesis Blind Box currently selling on?

a. tofuNFT and Opensea

b. OKX NFT and Binance NFT

c. tofuNFT and Binance NFT

d. OKX NFT and tofuNFT

Answer: d. OKX NFT and tofuNFT

Genesis Blind Box currently only sells 2 platforms, OKX NFT and tofuNFT. There has appeared a scammer selling Genesis Blind Box on Opensea. Everyone should be careful.

5. What is the total supply of $SNS — Melody’s governance token?

a. 4,000,000,000

b. 5,000,000,000

c. 6,000,000,000

d. 7,000,000,000

Answer: c. 6,000,000,000

6. What is the total supply of $SGS — Melody’s in-game token

a. 10,000,000,000

b. 20,000,000,000

c. 30,000,000,000

d. Unlimited

Answer: d. Unlimited

7. What is the official selling price of Genesis Blind Box in the first sale?

a. 1.2 BNB

b. 1.3 BNB

c. 1.4 BNB

d. 1.5 BNB

Answer: d. 1.5 BNB

In the first sale, 3900 Genesis Blind Box sold out in just a few hours for 1.5 BNB

8. How many types of NFT Microphones are there in Melody?

a. 2 types

b. 3 types

c. 4 types

d. 5 types

Answer: b. 3 types

Melody has 3 types of NFT Microphones: standard, high quality and wireless

9. When will the NFT staking feature officially launch?

a. 13:00 on August 7, 2022

b. 13:00 on July 8, 2022

c. 6:00 on August 7, 2022

d. 6:00 on July 8, 2022

Answer: b. 13:00 on July 8, 2022

10. You have a chance to get a free Genesis Blin Box worth 1.7 BNB through regular events organized by Melody. What events are those?

a. Fan-art and singing contest

b. Draw lucky lots

c. Lottery

d. All of the above events

Answer: d. All of the above events




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